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TradeScanner details:

  • Current Version: EOD+RT
  • Works with Metastock format EOD data
  • Works with Metastock format EOD+RT data
  • Auto refresh chart when using realtime data
  • Can run scan continuously on real time data
    NOTE: File data format and its updation in real time is done differently by every data vendor. We have tested real time features with a few vendors. If TradeScanner does not work with your real time data provider, please let us know. We will do our best to make TradeScanner work with it, provided necessary technical support is made available to us.
  • Open multiple charts
  • Multiple simultaneous scanners
  • Instant download
  • Instant access to TradeScanner's user documentation
  • Min System requirements: Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Free disk space, Windows XP SP 2 OR higher configuration
  • The device needs to be connected to the Internet when program is running
  • You should already know/understand basic Technical Analysis of securities using charts
  • The program requires securities data in MetaStock format. The data is NOT included with the program, you will need to obtain it separately from a data vendor, a few links to various data vendors are given below
  • Free technical support via email (more info...)


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Data vendors:

Please note that we are not in any way affiliated to any of the vendors. These are listed here only for your convenience. Please let us know if you face any problems, broken links or can suggest better options for listing here.