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TradeScanner Features

Trading strategies

  • Use any of the automatic, high-probability strategies
  • Each strategy is based on unique combination comprising of elliott waves, patterns, trends, pivots, movement and position of price, time and/or various indicators
  • Apply one or more strategies to charts to find trade setups automatically
  • Use with real time data to identify trade setups as they unfold with each new/updated bar
  • Save time & efforts in calculating entry, target & stop-loss manually with defined risk-reward ratios
  • Below is the short summary of some important automated trading strategies provided by TradeScanner:
  • Patterns - scans for elliot wave, gartley, butterfuly patterns and other unique wave patterns
  • Trendlines - scans for trendlines with a touch and/or breakout which give very unique trading opportunities
  • Pivot Breakout - A strategy that automatically identifies pivot high/low breakouts
  • Pivot Support/Resistance - Finds setup where price is near any of the previous high or low pivots
  • TPJB - Finds setups using proprietary trend identifier along with price breakouts and/or pullbacks in the direction of the trend
  • MPSB - A unique strategy that finds setups based on price position and momentum direction
  • Crossovers - A highly configurable, dual time-frame strategy capable of finding various price and indicator crossovers, with automatic checking of higher time frame trend, which means this strategy supports dual time frame analysis
  • Want more? We always look for valuable & unique methods to identify trading opportunities. We will keep on adding new and unique strategies to the program
  • Want your own strategy programmed into the software? We will do it fully black-box & automatic for you, Let's get in touch

High Probability Trade Setup Scanner

  • Create your own portfolios with any number of securities
  • Quickly scan the entire portfolio
  • Configure the scan to automatically convert data on the fly to higher time frame
  • Scan using intraday or daily data and convert to any higher time frame if required
  • Configure scan filters based on price and volume
  • Run multiple scans simultaneously
  • Run scans on EOD data
  • Keep scanner running on real time data for finding setups as they unfold during market hours

Simple, Flexible, Feature-rich Charting

  • Manually analyze securities easily with the charting features and tools
  • Quickly convert between time frames with just a keystroke or couple clicks
  • Take entry & exit decisions fast by quickly looking at base and higher time frame charts
  • Manually draw gartley/butterfly wave patterns with just 3 clicks
  • Find support/resistance with easy fib drawing tools
  • Find Elliot Wave target zones with just a single click
  • Save sets of chart properties, tool properties, strategies and other studies as templates
  • Apply saved templates to open chart for quick analysis
  • Setup & use default template to apply to each newly opened chart automatically
  • Create/Open/Close sets of charts to manually see & manage your portfolio or open positions
  • Save your manually drawn chart objects along with charts and workspaces for ready reference when opened again later