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What is TradeScanner?

It is a

technical analysis


charting software

. But it isn't just another charting software.

It is the combination of a powerful charting platform and

automated trading strategies


As any experienced trader knows, there are many important things a trader must do in order to be successful - such as - position sizing, risk-reward management and objective trade execution.

The first important step is to identify

high-probability trade setups

. TradeScanner automates this for you - it provides many trading strategies to

save time and efforts on repetitive, monotonous manual technical analysis


Powerful tools for traders, investors and technical analysts

Find automatic,Elliott Wave theory patterns,Stochastic,RSI,Moving Average Indicator,Crossover,Butterfly Pattern,Gartley Pattern

Numerous trading strategies built-in - to find high probability trading and investing opportunities. Choose the one that suits your needs.

best software for trading Stocks,Futures,Forex,CFD using Metastock format data

Configure & run one or more scans with your selected strategy and portfolio

Powerful Charting

Analyze charts with ease with simple & clean charts and with range of technical analysis tools.

Powerful, flexible and feature rich

powerful charting, simple to use, elliott wave, gartley, butterfly, MACD indicator strategy

Used by traders and investors for automatic technical analysis of stocks, futures, commodities, forex

Suitable for intraday, EOD, short-term, mid-term or long-term trading and/or investing alike

Our strategies are combination of wave patterns, indicators, trends, pivots - the unique combinations which successful traders use in their trading on a daily basis

Analyze securites after market hours using EOD data or analyze during market hours with real-time data

Works with commonly used MetaStock data format

powerful simple light weight easy trading charting system

Built with the C++ programming language resulting in "native" program that your processor can understand without any framework such as Java or .Net

"Native" program consumes less resources and performs much better

Built with the latest and the best programming tools and methodologies resulting in a high quality product

Works with an age-old PC with Windows XP to the latest version of Windows

TradeScanner's pricing is simple and affordable

One of the best investments you can make to help you daily in your trading and investing !!
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